National Council Membership

National Council Members:

Your membership supports the programs for best practices for two-year colleges and four-year institutions that deliver services and accommodations to your community. To address the 1 in 4 disclosure rates after high school of our community.

Benefits of joining the National Council

  • Your membership supports the creation of national universal standards and the development of Best Practice models
  • Provides a forum for collaboration between colleges to improve the services for students who learn differently
  • Promotes Professional Development link with other colleges that assists with college compliance of ADA
  • Supports and encourages students at member colleges and universities to have access to 1812ada services by becoming a member at reduced rate for enrolled students.

Subscription Choice

1812ada  National Council of Colleges and Universities

Institutions over 10,000 student enrollment                                                     $1,500

Institutions between 5,000 and 9,999 enrollment                                            $1,000

Institutions under 5,000 student enrollment                                                     $   500

Enrolled Student:                                                         $10 per month or $120 annually


*Charter Memberships offered to all (through 12/31/16)                               50% discount

USE CODE: Charter 2016

National Council Membership

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