Program Areas

1812ada’s Program Areas of Focus

To improve the 1 in 4 disclosure rate by the LD community by creating a national council of 2 year and 4 year institutions creating a nationally recognized “best practice” models and programs to better serve those who learn differently.
Work with these schools and colleges to advance the cause of individuals and families challenged with issues related to “learning differently” and build out a network of schools and college champions committed to strong core principles across the country.

K- 12 –

Build a national network of the leading schools with Best Practices for those who learn differently. This would enable students to find success in classrooms, and effectively position
their transition into a collegiate setting.

Many parents do not know that public schools have the responsibility to test if performance is low or requested by a parent or teacher – free of charge.


Each college has different accommodation services and their effectiveness vary. Our goal is to build a National Network of those 2-year and 4-year colleges and universities that represent Best Practices for the L D community and include a Checklist of the key factors to a Best Practice Model.

Workplace Transition

Offer support and advocacy for those individuals (and their employers) transitioning into employment. 1812ada would assess critical needs and prepare them through development of a strategic plan customized for their needs.

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