The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) 1990 – passed the Senate and
was sent to the House of Representatives on September 7, 1989 where it
stalled.  The disabled community protested bringing attention to force
the House to pass the law on July 26th, 1990. The ADA community had
little concerns regarding the revisions amended by the House. They
placed the importance on having the Disability Act passed into law.
We the ADA community and the public must understand that this is a not
only a law in infancy, but it is evolving.

The Statistics Are Glaring:

The most recent U.S. National Survey identifies 5.3 million children
ages 3-17 have been diagnosed with ADHD.

The 25,000 disability related complaints of 2011 to the EEOC
equivocate to 625,000 total complaints. Why? Because 96% of
complainers simply go away; statistically, only 4 % of the complainers
actually complain.

The reason for the lack of complaints evolves from three issues

1.  Insufficient knowledge of the required process
2. Human behavior
3.  Insufficient knowledge and access to legal resources

The Facts Are:

The public continues to have difficulty in recognizing the many faces
of disability discrimination including soft discrimination; and, the
ADA community has little knowledge of the process required for
accessing support and seeking guidance. Furthermore, when legal
representation or consultation is required the availability of these
services are difficult to find.

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