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Commitment as Founder and Visionary

rickI am part of the Protected Class under the ADA law. My personal experiences and acquired skill sets have equipped me in gaining an understanding and awareness of how the learning disabled are protected under the new law. My goal in founding 1812ada is to support others who may experience continuous roadblocks and assist them by removing the barriers to success through education.

I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) at the age of 25. I had an 8th grade reading comprehension level, yet I was a junior in college. To address the reading comprehension problem I located and attended Landmark College. At Landmark College I and enrolled in their intensive seven (7) week summer session. In seven (7) weeks I improved nine (9) grade levels in reading comprehension. As a result of my own struggles, I have identified that there is compelling need for an organization to be solely dedicated to work for and support our protected class. In my case, there was no organization to guide me through my journey navigating the roadblocks deterring my progress. I transferred to the University of Georgia and graduated, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. While attending the University of Georgia, I subsequently received a letter of recommendation from Professor Emeritus Karl-Erik L. Eriksson, Stockholm, Sweden under whom I did laboratory research with while I was an undergraduate.

Through my own personal experiences of self-advocacy in college, employment, and on into the Federal Courts I learned to identify many faces of discrimination, and realized too late that I accepted being discriminated against and had waived my protection under the ADA law.

The tough lessons I learned galvanized my convictions to establish this nonprofit organization for our community. Facing and overcoming barriers and discrimination is a chronic theme that the learning disabled community endures. With the assistance of 1812ada, you will no longer have to face these barriers unprepared and alone.

Richard W. Stodulski, Jr.
President and Founder of 1812ada, Inc.

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