Frank Sopper, Former Dean of Admissions, Landmark College

I’ve known Rick for more than twenty years; his passion for serving the LD community to enhance and improve the programs and services within educational environments is laudable. He is a true pioneer in the spirit of Dr. Charles Drake, founder of Landmark College, in his work to create a nonprofit organization to elevate the recognition and support for those with learning differences.

A Message from Ms. Joan McNichols

Dear Friends,

It is with great enthusiasm that I write this letter in support of an emerging force in the world of learning disabilities services … 1812ada. My good friend, Rick Stodulski, who has over the past years committed himself to serving the LD community as a supporter and protector of individuals and families touched by these various challenges to the learning process; and, who has been an ardent advocate for legal and social change in this arena, has launched this new nonprofit (501c3) organization to further advance his passions.
Rick having personally struggled during his formative years to find success in the classroom, and, with a diagnosis later in his life, to successfully access what little was available to assist him in his educational and career pursuits. Having ultimately found success in his life, he has decided to dedicate himself to ensuring that others find similar pathways in our K-12 systems, on college campuses, and in workplaces across the country. He and his wonderful support network at 1812ada are busy building models, growing networks, and establishing themselves as a national leader in advancing services in all fifty states.

I have personally stepped forward with contributions to this wonderful cause, working with Rick and his board members to grow their budgetary parameters and connecting them with those of similar interests and passion. It is my hope that you too will jump on board this critically important venture, and reach out to Rick in the coming days to make your own contributions at whatever levels may be possible. Together, we will all make a difference in bringing advocacy and support to the lives of this community so desperately in need.

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